Website Design

Website design and Search Engine Optimization

Laptop Screen Montreal not only takes care of your electronic devices but we also offer Website design and hosting. We also offer top of the line S.E.O. services whether you have an existing website and aren’t ranked at the top of your search phrases and keywords, we can and will get you ranked at the top on all major search engines including Google/Bing and Yahoo.

There are many websites built and created out there but if you aren’t listed on the first 2 pages, it is more than likely your website is not worth the time and energy and money. We can resolve your issues and get you to the top and maintain top rankings for your website.


Notice the search phrase I entered and I am on top of all search engines. is ranked on page 1 at the top. Don’t let your site get lost like the other 87,600 results!

Here is another example of the many websites we maintain. Results don’t lie. is ranked #1 on every search phrase and every search engine.


Contact us today and you will be well on your way to having a top ranked website for your business or hobby!