Water Damage

Water Damage and Surface Pro/Iphone/Ipad

Do not power on device!!!

So you had a mishap with water or some other form of liquid, it’s not the end of the world. First thing is first, if the power was turned off when the spill occurred, do not turn it on to see if it is still working. This is a picture of a Surface Pro 4 with water damage. The first picture doesn’t look too bad, that is the upper board with the shields removed.

Now have a look at the same board on the under side. This was just water!

Sometimes a device will power up as in this case but in doing so, he blew capacitors and a filter because of the liquid damage.

For those of you who think the home remedy of putting it in rice would remove this corrosion, think again. I have no idea who thought up something ridiculous as that but once corrosion starts, it spreads like a cancer. Bring us your liquid damaged iphones, Surface Pro or Surface Books, Ipads and most other models to get it fixed right the first time!